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Saturday, March 25, 2006


I received the confirmation letter from the USCIS yesterday. Our petition has been approved and the information forwarded to the National VISA Center. I should receive written confirmation from the NVC that they have sent the information to the Tokyo Embassy within the month. Then we can schedule her interview and apply for her VISA.

There is still no guarantee the VISA will be approved, but my confidence level is high. She is about as non-political as a person comes and Japan is a one of the better allies of the U.S. so there shouldn't be any political obstacles. She has nothing that even vaguely resembles a criminal past, and has had a steady job for years, so her character shouldn't be an issue. The last test is mine and I'm sure I pass. I can easily demonstrate adequate income to support us at 125% of the poverty level.

I'm feeling pretty good about all this. I think we're probably on track to make the wedding date.


Blogger humblefiance said...

はい!I'm feeling pretty good too!
Please go and check our wedding place ne^^v
Now I'm waiting a notice from American embassy!

I have to take a some pictures...that means! I have to make up! wow!

5:44 AM  

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