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Monday, December 05, 2005

Ready for Mailing

Tonight I filled out the I-129F and printed out my supporting documentation. I'm sending a copy of my birth certificate, the e-mail itinerary from my last trip to Japan, e-mails from both of us discussing the marriage, e-mails between my mother and my fiance that discuss the marriage, and e-mails that mention me meeting her family and friends. I'm also including prints of several photo's that show us together. Last but not least is the check for $170.00 to the Department of Homeland Security.
Will all this be enough to satisfy the Government? I hope so. Otherwise I'm out $170.00 and get to do it again with time lost.
Regardless, it will all be mailed tomorrow. Nothing to do after that but wait for the result. If all goes well she can apply for her K1 visa in a couple of months.


Anonymous pig pig alie said...

Honey Thank you for I-129.
I dont know which way is the best way. But we decided to take fiance visa, so I'm ready for it...oh, not yet. I have to renew my passport.
Darling, before you mail, please check again...I do not want you to lose $170. if I have $170.00 I can buy some nice things! hehehe
so Please check again and mail it ね! おねがいね。
Honey I think I'm lucky girl coz I have a really sweet bf.

hehehe. Love love power! Yeah

pig pig alie~~~

8:56 AM  

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