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Sunday, December 04, 2005

We Begin

My fiance and I set the date for our wedding today. That simple act essentially starts the clock ticking. There is a lot to accomplish in the next ten months. Not only do we have to plan a wedding but we must fullfill a host of U.S. immigration requirements. My fiance is a foreign national; Japanese to be precise.

The first requirement is that I file a form I-129f, petition for foreign fiance. I intended to fill it out today and ran into my first stumbling block. The form wants her address in English and her native language. I didn't know her address in Japanese, so I asked her to send it to me. It turned out I didn't know her legal address anyway, as her mailing address and her legal address are different. So I got lucky, I almost sent the I-129f off with the wrong address on it.


Blogger pigpig said...

This is nice an idea!!
But who is Alian???? おい!^0^

I hope someone who has exprienced international marrage then, to put here some comments!

Oh, Darling I'm sorry I didnt tell you legal address in Japan.
I already sent it today, check your e-mail later!
Oh, this blog dosent have any simbols.....that's too bad!

I want to put my pig pic here...ummmmmmmmm

oh...this is kind of serious blog!
sorry ~~~

Talk with you later Darling!
Love you

from humble fiance

9:09 AM  

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